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Searching for a Fanfic

Hey, I'm looking for a couple of fanfics that were hosted on Ice Candy before it went out of commission or that I've just lost total track of. Perhaps the authors are still around, or someone is like one of my friends and archives all the fics they like ^^;

One was, I believe, Nokoru's interseting comparision of he and Suoh to Sherlock and Holmes. {Ice Candy]

Another was X based and had Suoh giving Nokoru his dying message and Nokoru then deciding which part of the message was meant for him and which for Nagisa. Rather sad. [Ice Candy?]

Lastly, one was Tsubasa Chronicles based, in Piffle. It had Nokoru and Tomoyo as a married (engaged?) couple and dealt with the idea of how they're just acting as facades for the other while they love members of their own gender.

I know my hopes of finding these are rather low, but I can dream.

Thanks in advance.


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