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If there were to be a second season....

okay, so I am going to try and post more actively here in hopes that others will do the same. :)

CLAMP School was my Favorite series back in middle school and I used to dream and lookout for a second season. [I know it's not too popular and the chances of that happening are SLIM, but give me a break]
So I was trying to think of episodes I would *like* to see, within realms of CLAMP's universe. So while I'm sure I am not the only one out there who would like to see Nokoru end up with Suoh, it's not [yet] a canon situation and for the time being should be left up to fanfiction writers to exploit that relationship.

But I am wondering, if CLAMP School were to have a 2nd season [26 episodes in length] and YOU got to choose the content of at least ONE of those episodes, what would it be?


- Kaichou/Suoh get invited over to Akira's place for dinner and Akira has to try and hide all the stuff that "Niju Menso" stole.
- [I personally would like to see more of the characters family life and their relationship with parents/siblings/etc]
- how Suoh and Kaichou met Akira
- Suoh's life before CLAMP School

even something exaggerated like: I'd like to see them as teenagers. [or something]

Anything goes here. [even if it's not canon ;)]

Please tell me what you think!!! DISCUSS.
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