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Clamp School Detectives

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Selling a CLAMP School Detectives 3" Single CD! [09 Nov 2013|12:53am]

I know this community is a little dead right now (much like most of LiveJournal) but I thought I'd give it a try anyway!

I have a CLAMP School 3" single CD for sale. I'm asking $9 for it.

CLAMP School Detectives 3" Single CD (with lyric sheet)
 CLAMP School single

(inside CLAMP School Detectives 3" CD)
 inside CLAMP School single

I ship from the US, will ship internationally, and take PayPal (preferred) and money orders. Thanks for looking! *crosses fingers*
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Late Night Reading [26 Feb 2013|01:32am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Late Night Reading
Author: blueicecreamxo
Pairing(s): Suoh x Nokoru
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff of the confusing kind(?)
Disclaimer: I don't own character's. Just the story (sigh)
Prompt: Interested
Summary: Suoh was definitely not a morning person, and Nokoru and his mind games really weren't appreciated thank you very much.

Sure, Suoh was a trained ninja and all that, but three in the damn morning was pushing it even for him

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Intro post & fanfiction! :D [12 Jun 2011|12:33pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello! You guys have no idea how excited I was to find this comm, haha. It's my first post and I come bearing fanfiction! >:D I hope you all enjoy the drabble haha

Without the Sun
Pairing(s): Piffle!Suoh x Nokoru
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff & Romance
Disclaimer: I don't own (:
Based off of: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles Ch 90 pg 4
Summary: While everyone is in a drunken state, Suoh takes the time to think about the people who hold the same soul as him and of the relationships that said people might or might not have with a certain blond.

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CLAMP auctions [02 May 2011|10:20am]


I have a number of CLAMP items (mostly manga) up for sale on Ebay. Really random selection.

Doujinshi anthologies SHOTEN 1 & 2 (from 1988!)
Tsubasa Hardcover manga 3, 4, 6, 9, 10, 13 (JP)
20 Masks manga sets (EN & JP)
Duklyon manga sets (EN & JP)

CLAMP Campus Detectives manga set (EN)
X 1999 manga set (JP)
Tokyo Babylon manga set (JP)
Angelic Layer manga set (JP)

CLAMP Campus Detectives VHS box set (subtitled)
CLAMP Campus Detectives Laserdisc memorial boxes 1 & 2 (full sets)

Leeza Sei's manga COMBINATION 1


Please save me from moving these from one corner of Canada to another! :D

(Crossposted, sorry if you see this more than once)
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[23 Oct 2010|01:25pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Hello all!  Have some fanfiction!

I bring you a four part drabble series I wrote using prompts from 30_kisses . 

Pairing:  Suoh/Nokoru

Part 1 (rated PG-13)
Part 2  (rated R or NC-17... not sure which, I'm bad at rating stuff)
Part 3  (rated PG)
Part 4  (rated PG-13)

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[26 Apr 2010|01:34am]

[ mood | chipper ]

 Hello there!! I have long been an avid fan of Clamp School Detectives and tried my hand at a couple of fanfictions last year, the latest of the two, being one of my babies currently, is ongoing. 

Hoping you guys have fun reading!! :D

Fanfiction. net


Illusions of a Promise: Sequel to Something to Last Forever

Collapse )

Collapse )

Collapse )

Collapse )

Happy reading!! :D

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[14 Feb 2010|04:42pm]

In honor of Valentines Day, here is my Suoh/Nokoru rec list!  It's still a work in progress so I'll be adding to it.  As always, recommendations for addition to the list are always welcome.

Happy Valentines Day, everyone!

*Denotes content rated R or NC-17.


aishuu :
    -40 Hands

ahria :
    -My list

auragirl :
    -Mellow Yellow

chocolate_chip :
    -So Close To Everything

chrysa :
    -A Christmas Caper

hungrybookworm :
    -50 Setences
    -Just a Little Bit

insaneidiot :

slytherinblack :
    -Seducing Suoh*
    -Card-carrying Member*


    -Man on The Moon

    -More Fun than a Catered Luncheon & Twice as Yummy
    -Answer to A Prayer

    -One More Time

    -Yes or No
    -To Protect

The JohhnyMcKilt Productions:
    -Chocol Eight
    -Strictly Business

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[12 Jan 2010|04:07pm]

[ mood | bored ]

I'm debating on compiling a Suoh/Nokuro rec list... anyone interested?

Any links (fic or fanart) would be lovely.

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Searching for a Fanfic [03 Jan 2010|02:26pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey, I'm looking for a couple of fanfics that were hosted on Ice Candy before it went out of commission or that I've just lost total track of. Perhaps the authors are still around, or someone is like one of my friends and archives all the fics they like ^^;

One was, I believe, Nokoru's interseting comparision of he and Suoh to Sherlock and Holmes. {Ice Candy]

Another was X based and had Suoh giving Nokoru his dying message and Nokoru then deciding which part of the message was meant for him and which for Nagisa. Rather sad. [Ice Candy?]

Lastly, one was Tsubasa Chronicles based, in Piffle. It had Nokoru and Tomoyo as a married (engaged?) couple and dealt with the idea of how they're just acting as facades for the other while they love members of their own gender.

I know my hopes of finding these are rather low, but I can dream.

Thanks in advance.


Cross-posted to fugusan_library and clamp_school.

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[03 Dec 2009|06:55pm]

Title: Smile
Series: CLAMP School Detectives
Pairing: Suoh/Nokoru
Theme: "Fully alive, more than most, ready to smile..."
Rating: G

Fake-cut number one!

Title: Spoiled
Series: CLAMP School Detectives
Pairing: Suoh/Nokoru
Theme: Forecast
Rating: G

Fake cut number two!

(cross posted to clampfiction )
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If there were to be a second season.... [22 Nov 2009|02:43pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

okay, so I am going to try and post more actively here in hopes that others will do the same. :)

CLAMP School was my Favorite series back in middle school and I used to dream and lookout for a second season. [I know it's not too popular and the chances of that happening are SLIM, but give me a break]
So I was trying to think of episodes I would *like* to see, within realms of CLAMP's universe. So while I'm sure I am not the only one out there who would like to see Nokoru end up with Suoh, it's not [yet] a canon situation and for the time being should be left up to fanfiction writers to exploit that relationship.

But I am wondering, if CLAMP School were to have a 2nd season [26 episodes in length] and YOU got to choose the content of at least ONE of those episodes, what would it be?


- Kaichou/Suoh get invited over to Akira's place for dinner and Akira has to try and hide all the stuff that "Niju Menso" stole.
- [I personally would like to see more of the characters family life and their relationship with parents/siblings/etc]
- how Suoh and Kaichou met Akira
- Suoh's life before CLAMP School

even something exaggerated like: I'd like to see them as teenagers. [or something]

Anything goes here. [even if it's not canon ;)]

Please tell me what you think!!! DISCUSS.

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Hey, Roleplayers!! [22 Nov 2009|09:58am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Can I get your attention over here, please?

If you care to give RPing a CCD character a try (or anyone else, while I'm at it), would y'all mind giving moksa_u a chance? I play Nokoru there, and I'd love it if someone would pick up Suoh or Akira to play with me. Here's the profile and links to all the information you might need, though if you do have any other questions you could IM me at eventyrmane on AIM or the mod (who's awesome). We have a really great cast of players, an active game, and all kinds of interesting things going on, so give it a look even if you're not planning on applying for a CLAMP Campus Detectives character!

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133 icons [22 Oct 2009|12:06am]

133 Clamp Campus Detectives

( shotalicious )

Linked above to houndstooth; cross-posted at clampfans & clamp_icons.
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Collapse )
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[CLAMP] Someone I Will Meet Someday - Suoh/Nokoru [09 Jul 2009|08:41pm]

Someone I Will Meet Someday | Suoh x Nokoru | PG-13
Suoh groans again and thinks about the quantity of council work that’s about to be neglected – again.
A/N I fell in love with CLAMP School again. I know, I know, it’s a really old anime but seriously, it’s the cutest anime ever made! Plus Suoh… I love you. |D P.S. My first ever (definitely not last) CLAMP School fic, so be nice? :'D

Akira’s mouth falls open, but instead of a girly scream, a girly squeal comes out from his mouth.
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Two Clamp School Detectives ficlets... [23 Jun 2009|03:28pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Hello everyone!  I've lurked around here for a little while and decided to share something.  I bring two little fics with fake!cuts to my writing journal.  I hope you enjoy!

Title:  The Virtues of Being Selfish
Series:  CLAMP School Detectives
Pairing:  Nokoru/Suoh
Theme:  "No matter what, you're gonna break my shell."  (Written for album_mix )
Rating:  PG-13

The morning of Imonoyama Nokoru’s fifteenth birthday started the same as any other birthday in his memory.

Title:  Scars
Series:  CLAMP School Detectives
Pairing:  Suoh/Nokoru
Rating/Warning:  PG-13, shonen-ai
Author's Note:  I've decided that in this fic Suoh is 13 and Nokoru is 14.  Not that it really matters...

He had never minded the marks, knowing they were a small price to pay for the skills they’d earned.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOKORU! [16 Jun 2009|03:48pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I have no art for today. I'm so ashamed~ *hides*

In any case, 'tis June 16 so...


You old 40-something man, you. :'3

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUOH! [31 Mar 2009|06:38pm]

[ mood | celebratory ]

I bring a little crack something for you guys in commemoration of the birthday of our favorite ninja! Well, if you aren't into Naruto that much~ :D

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[31 Mar 2009|01:54am]

Hi there! I'm pretty new to cosplay and sticking to simple costumes for now... BUT! I was wondering if anyone going to Otakon would like to cosplay Suou or Akira with me? I'm pretty sure I'm going to try to cosplay Nokoru, though in his AU!Piffle outfit from Tsubasa. (since it's simple. though I wouldn't say no to a simple one of the matching trio outfits from CCD!)

though Nokoru would be easy, it's just not right without the entire trio. I'd love to hear from anyone willing to join me to represent a lesser known fandom :D Thanks for your time!
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maybe from a different series, but who can pass up CCD cameos? [26 Mar 2009|10:47pm]

+ Resources here
+ Credit is preferred but optional; either asthefireflies or sammywhatammy
+ Comments are loved ♥
+ You're welcome to alter ANYTHING. Just let it be known somewhere that the original is mine; you don't have to give me credit for your edits :)

+95 Sailor Moon
DISCLAIMER: PLEASE. If you see yourself amongst these icons and do not wish to, LET ME KNOW. I will remove the offending icons IMMEDIATELY. I got all of these from 4chan, so I do NOT know the sources. PLEASE do not flame me. Thank you.
Nodame Cantabile
+13 Nodame (11 manga, 2 anime)
+9 Chiaki (8 manga, 1 drama)
+4 NodamexChiaki
+1 Frank (anime)

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles BASES
+1 Kurogane
+22 Nokoru

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
+22 Chibiusa
Disney's The Sword in the Stone BASES
+14 Merlin

here @ asthefireflies
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