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maybe from a different series, but who can pass up CCD cameos?

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+95 Sailor Moon
DISCLAIMER: PLEASE. If you see yourself amongst these icons and do not wish to, LET ME KNOW. I will remove the offending icons IMMEDIATELY. I got all of these from 4chan, so I do NOT know the sources. PLEASE do not flame me. Thank you.
Nodame Cantabile
+13 Nodame (11 manga, 2 anime)
+9 Chiaki (8 manga, 1 drama)
+4 NodamexChiaki
+1 Frank (anime)

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles BASES
+1 Kurogane
+22 Nokoru

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
+22 Chibiusa
Disney's The Sword in the Stone BASES
+14 Merlin

here @ asthefireflies
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